A spectacular and unique site that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world - the Golden Rock or Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is located in Mon State, Myanmar. The huge rock stands magically on the edge of a cliff, defying gravity and appears to be on the verge of falling into the valley below at any time. This is an important pilgrimage site of the Burmese, where people come to pray and show their respect to the Buddha by applying gold leaves to the structure. 

With the candles glowing, the chanting of worshippers, the aroma of incense sticks, and the offering being made to the shrine, there is a spiritual feeling around the pagoda. According to legend, this location has been a Buddhist temple for 2,600 years.

As a Culture and History destination, the golden rock has a legend behind that is the time when the Buddha visited the area; he gave a hermit a hair relic. The hermit went to the King and asked him to erect a boulder in the shape of the hermit's head to keep the treasure. An appropriate stone was located on the ocean floor by the King, who had magical abilities, and it was carried to Kyaikto and deposited there. According to legend, the Buddha's hair, which is kept in the pagoda perched atop the rock, keeps the Golden Rock from collapsing.

The tradition claims that the boat used to move the boulder turned to stone. The Kyaukthanban Pagoda, a big boulder that resembles a boat in some ways and is next to the Golden Rock, is another stupa.

During Myanmar exploration, Bagan and Yangoon are two attractions containing a sacred atmosphere that you must try.

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