5 indispensable pieces of advice when traveling to Southeast Asia

Sep, 01

by Myanmar Private Tour - Team

From Myanmar to Vietnam, Southeast Asia is becoming a must-not-missed destination for all tourists around the world who expect to find unique travel experiences.

However, knowledge about local culture is indispensable in order to get a favorable trip.

Learn to adapt to the weather.

Despite being a small area but the climate of the Southeast Asian countries is extremely diverse and plentiful. At different times, the weather will be different. Even at the same time but in the daytime, the weather will be scorching, and it could turn cold at night.

Overview Mandalay in Myanmar

Overview Mandalay in Myanmar

Therefore, when traveling to this area, you must prepare different costumes.

Fortunately, clothes sold in Southeast Asian countries are cheap and rich in designs and styles, so if you do not want to carry a heavy backpack, you can buy them along the way.

Pay attention to local customs

The etiquette in Southeast Asia is extremely respected by the locals, so you need to pay attention to your dress, as well as when entering a temple, you should leave your shoes outside.

Make sure not to cause any behavior considered to offend the locals or even the local law.

Street shop in Chinatown - Yangon - Myanmar

Street shop in Chinatown - Yangon - Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, you can buy traditional longyi dresses sold anywhere in any market. Moreover, wearing this dress, you can also visit temples without fearing an unfriendly gaze.

If you're traveling to Thailand or Cambodia, do not forget to try to transfer by Tuk-tuk.

Do not hesitate to make a bargain

In large shops and commercial centers, all items are listed at a fixed price and are often sold at the right price. Meanwhile, many small retail shops or night markets in Southeast Asia also have listed prices, but they can be flexible if customers demand a rebate.

The quick tip here is that you ask the retailer for his/her "best price", then you bargain further until the two sides come to an agreement.

Car Durian Shop

Car Durian Shop

Once you like any item, do not hesitate to ask: "Is this the lowest price that you can sell." Do not be afraid to bargain with local sellers because this is a fun way to help you learn how to interact and learn more about local culture while experiencing any kind of Myanmar Tours.

Enjoy the local cuisine

If you are afraid that street food is not hygienic, the best way is to prepare your mind and find a way to "overcome fear" when departing to Southeast Asia countries because street food is what creates the culinary identity of these countries.

Some Popular Dishes in Myanmar

Some Popular Dishes in Myanmar

Regarding beverages, in Southeast Asia, local beer brands are significantly cheaper than popular ones or alcoholic drinks such as cocktails. In addition, fruit juice is also a suitable option.

Because Southeast Asian countries are located in tropical regions, fruits are always available.

Above all, take a walk with your confidence

To avoid becoming a target of bad guys, take a walk with a confident manner and attitude, even when you are carrying a backpack. Besides, the way to "handle" hawkers who always invite you with insistence is to take a steady walk.

Take a walk with your confidence

Take a walk with your confidence

If someone offers you, then pretend that you're busy getting somewhere, or say "no" with a big smile and a gentle shake of the head. With 5 indispensable pieces of advice when traveling to Southeast Asia, Myanmar Private Tour ensures that you can freely experience and discover them.