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Hpa An Tours will take you to either the most highlighted sites or the hidden gems in this tranquil land. Indeed, Hpa An features a wide range of tourist attractions as it is located in the ideal place of the riverside and mountains around. The city draws flocks of travelers for wonderful destinations, caves, and mountains with a variety of activities to explore here.

Visit caves

Hpa An possesses a wide range of caves that have unique architecture and inside beauty for tourists to discover. Some famous caves are Sadan Caves, Kawun Cave, Yathaypyan Cave, Bat Cave, Bayin Nyi Caves, and Kaw Ka Thaung Cave. The caves have big and wide Buddha statues and paintings carved on the stone with fabulous decoration. From the entrance to the inside, the tourists have a chance to admire a dramatic wide range of mountains, tranquil water, and the paddy field. 

Hike the mountain

If you are fond of hiking and exercising while discovering the local life of residents, hiking up the mountains is definitely for you. It takes time to climb up the peak and admire the sunset, and the tourists can see all the views of the city from above and immerse themselves in nature. Standing at the highest point makes people feel that they can conquer the world. Hpan Pu mountain, Taung Wine Mountain, and Mount Zwegabin are famous destinations for travelers.

Explore pagodas 

Hpa An does not have many pagodas like in Bago but Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda can be the option for you. Located on a small island in the lake, Kyauk Ka Lat is an excellent stop for a small time with Mount Zwegabin’s view. Make sure you wear a suitable outfit. From early to 10 am or with sunset is a great time to experience the pagoda.

Experience the tranquil lake

If you find a peaceful place to see the sunset, Lake Kan Thar and the Thanlyin River are the best places in Hpa An. From the river, the tourists can see the sunset with its reflection of the sun shining on the water. Sometimes, you may encounter the local boating or floating market here.

Ride a bike 

To explore Hpa An city, travelers can choose to cycle around and see the green field with enormous mountains and fresh air. There is a guide for instruction while traveling if you wish.

See Eain du Karen Village

On the way to Sadan cave, the tourists can stop at Eain du Karen Village and explore the local traditional weaving of the Karen people. Its products are well-known and sold on the market in large quantities.

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