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Mawlamyine tours feature the attractive culture of the fourth-largest city in Myanmar. Renowned for its massive number of Buddha statues, Mawlamyine is an amazing destination for tourists located at the mouth of the Salween River. Let's explore this city with Myanmar Private Tour.

Win Sein Taw Y, for a little teaser, is the most giant reclining buddha here at 180 meters long. Kyaik Than Lan pagoda, St Matthew's Church, and Pa Auk Forest Monastery are also worth visiting. Additionally, The Death Railway Museum can be a good option if you want to hear historical stories and get more information about the war. 

Next, the tourists can experience Zin Kyaik Waterfall by climbing alongside the waterfall and swimming at the pool created by blocking the river. However, the waterfall only has water on rainy days, so tourists need to prepare in advance. In addition, seeing the sunset on the river or beach is a fantastic experience. While doing so, you have a chance to chat with the local people. 

If time is permitted, you can catch the bus to the city to Hpa An, one of the most famous tourist attractions with many mountains, caves, and temples. 

Night market and food

It is time to relax and take a little walk to discover the locals' nightlife here at night. The night market has a variety of products, such as handicrafts, food, and souvenirs. Some foods you can try here are Mohinga, Curry, Garnish Salads, and Deep Fried Stuffed Tofu. They taste so excellent. 

Best time to visit

Travelers should visit Mawlamyine from November to March. During this time, the weather is chilly and warm in the evening, whereas it is hot and heavy rain in June. 

Some festivals

During New Year's Day, the Burmese hold the water festival, which is friendly and warmly welcomes you to join. The activity is simple; the participants take a bucket, go to the road, get into the water, and then pour it into others. Being part of a team makes your experience more fun. 

Tazaungdaing Festival is considered the "Festival of Lights", marking the end of the rainy season, and people send fire balloons to the sky. On this day, the sky is full of color, making the space a fantasyland. According to the Burmese calendar, the festival lasted eight months on the full moon.

For all the highlighted attractions above, we hope that you can figure out which place to add to your Mawlamyine checklist. One more thing to do is to pick your favorite Mawlamyine tours. Contact us and we will tailor your own Mawlamyine itinerary and Burma tours like Hpa An tours, Bagan tours, and Mandalay tours if your time is available.

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