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Bago tours show you to the city of impressive religious sites. Tourists coming to Bago should not miss the exceptional highlights such as Mya Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha, Shwethalyaung Temple, Snake Temple, Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Kyaik Pun, Kan Baw Za Thadi Palace, Shwe Taung Yoe Pagoda. Additionally, food tours and traditional markets are also suitable for people who like discovering the local life, and experiencing some festivals here is also fascinating. 

Explore the famous pagodas 

There are many unique Buddha images in Bago such as the reclining buddha showing the position in the final phase of life on earth and then reaching parinirvana. Bago possesses many pilgrimage places for the Buddhists who come here to pray and bring offerings. Furthermore, depictions of the four Buddhas reaching Nirvana sit two back and face different directions. 

A number of these pagodas are places to store the relics of Buddha with the architecture of golden appearance and stupas.

Experience the Winga Baw Elephant Camp

This site is to promote the preservation of elephants and enhances the knowledge to protect them. The elephants are really friendly and it is easy to raise interaction with them. Moreover, chatting with the teams is also an interesting activity to learn more about the wildlife here.

Events in Bago

When tourists travel to Bago during the festival seasons, you can have a chance to experience the Water Fight Festival. That is the time for people to pour out the street and collect water with the belief that the more water you get, the more luck you have. Tet Holiday in Bago is also exceptional with many activities such as singing, dancing, and releasing fish.

The market Bago

Experiencing the market in Bago is another exciting activity apart from temples in Bago. They offer clothes, fresh fish, vegetables, and a variety of food under the shed and along the way. The buyers should bargain to have the best prices.

Visit Moeyu Gyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is not far from the center of Bagon and it is the ideal destination for botanists, bird watchers, naturalists, picnickers, and anyone desiring peaceful, tranquil places. 

We wish you a wonderful trip in Bago with Myanmar private tour. Furthermore, Hpa An tours, Bagan tours, and Mandalay tours are excellent options when traveling to Bago if your time is available.

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