Ngapali beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions and also the most beautiful beach in Myanmar. Located in Rakhine state, Ngapali beach features a smooth sandy beach stretching on the graceful Bay of Bengal. The best time to go to Ngapali beach is from October to the end of March. This time, the water is beautifully crystal blue, as well as the white sandy beach, enchants any tourists.

If you want to go to peaceful places, stay away from crowded and bustling spaces of touristy cities, and stay away from the stresses of work and life to get closer to the peace and quietness of nature, Ngapali is the best choice.

The beach is famous for its natural and unspoiled beauty with sparkling white sand under brilliant sunshine, bending along green coconut trees. The coastline is 7km long with beautiful and clear turquoise waves. The sea water is platinum, and clean and there are no dangerous marine animals.

Ngapali Beach is quiet, away from the bustling urban area. It is an ideal place for you to relax for a few days, and take in the cool blue seawater. Room-renting services here are very diverse. You can choose from a small hut on the beach to luxury villas. There are many restaurants serving fresh seafood at a reasonable price.

This place is rich in marine resources including prawns, lobsters, corals, marine mammals, snapper, grouper, sea bass, Hilsa, horse mackerel, and Spain mackerel.

Ngapali is one of the loveliest beaches in Myanmar and also one of the most unspoiled ones in the world.

In addition to common activities such as swimming, strolling, and exploring natural landscapes, you could immerse in excursions including visiting small fishing villages and local markets, discovering the countryside by a lovely and convenient bicycle, or even cruising to splendid islands offshore if your budget permits. Moreover, visitors can learn many interesting things from the fancy game of golf on the beach.

Ngapali is the best place in Myanmar not only for relaxation and tourism but also for research on local culture. Coming to fishing villages, you will feel rustic sounds from trawling in early mornings to cow carriages carrying seafood to the local market which amaze you. Fishing villagers are very friendly. In addition, the simple space of life here makes the soul of anyone peaceful and gentle.

You can reach the beach by plane for about 45 minutes from Yangon. 

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