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Pindaya is located in the west of Shan State with various attractions, such as Pindaya Cave which includes thousands of Buddha figures. With our suggested Pindaya tours, you can hike to the mountains through the small villages to see the beauty of this place, visit ethnic groups carrying different cultures and lifestyles and more

The Pindaya limestone caves are worth visiting, with more than 8000 Buddha statues made of different materials of various shapes. When entering the cave, the tourists may feel calm and surprised by the vast and sacred space. Therefore, do not miss the chance to take photos with these stunning views. On the way down the hill from the cave, travelers may encounter one beautiful place called Hsin Khaung Taung Kyaung Monastery. Tourists should spend time here and see the ancient architecture. 

Another experience is trekking through the tribal villages. Danu is the most beautiful hillside village suitable for people who love trekking through the plantations, oranges, and many others. During the journey, do not forget to chat with the locals to understand more about their cultures and daily habit. 

Aung Umbrella is a destination that you may fall in love with when visiting, as many souvenirs are sold here, and the customers can vary their choices. This Umbrella is a private business run by a family, and they show the entire process of crafting colorful umbrellas.

Enjoying food is essential to the trip, so the tourist should try eating their local cuisine. Some memorable meals include Curried Noodle Soup, Fish Noodles, and curry. You can find them in both vendors and the restaurant, so you have many choices. Don't miss that. 

Traveling to Pindaya is an excellent choice for tourists all year round. It is suitable for all visitors, from couples, families, children, and students. 

From Pindaya, if you have enough time, you can visit some well-known places, including Mandalay and Inle Lake. There are various attractions for you to see and discover.

Some notes for your trip:

  • Bring suitable outfits for both trekking and visiting pagodas.
  • Find a tour guide and bring a map if you are afraid of getting lost and they also introduce to you the story about this place. 


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