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Life is constantly changing, and people are always getting better, discovering new things to satisfy their curiosity. Today, Myanmar Private Tour will introduce Mogok, a famous attraction in Myanmar. Let’s explore this place!

Kyauk Pyart Thut Pagoda is the first must-see destination located on a mountain, covering the view of surrounding landscapes with the wildlife around. People often come here to respect the Buddha and give their wishes for a bright future and fortune. This is the best place to admire the sunset in this city with its sacred and peaceful atmosphere. Pay a visit to the Pagoda and chat with the locals here to discover their lifestyles.

If you are interested in adventuring, the Mogok trek must be listed on your trip. Climbing the mountain with your accompany and spending some nights under the star will be an unforgettable memory. The city from above has one of the most incredible views, or you can see the clouds close if you are lucky. Standing on the edge of the rock with a mountain and cloud background makes for the best photos. 

Mogok is also famous for its high-quality ruby and jewelry so spending time here buying items at reasonable prices.

In the evening, the visitors can experience the night markets and try the local food with the Burmese here. Tell the cook to receive the best offers if you have any allergies. The travellers have many options for eating places such as restaurants or on the streets. Both have unique excitement. 

Like any other place in Myanmar, Mogok hosts the New Year festival. This is the time for the locals to dance and wear their traditional customs, showing their pride and respect. They welcome tourists to join so do not hesitate to take part in dancing and eating. 

Some notes for you when traveling to Mogok

  • Wear a suitable outfit when visiting the Pagoda
  • Choose appropriate shoes for the trek
  • Spend time chatting with the local people
  • Take amazing photos

Myanmar also has other appealing attractions to discover, such as Yangon and Mandalay. Pay a visit so you will never forget that.


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