There is no word to describe the beauty of Bagan

Jun, 10

by Myanmar Private Tour - Team

If there are only 2-3 days to explore Myanmar, make a visit to the ancient capital to get the most amazing experience in your life.

Myanmar is a beautiful, rich identity country, a preferred destination of many travelers. To discover Myanmar, you need at least 2 weeks. But not everyone has such a long break. If you have only 2-3 days, make a visit to Bagan.

Overview Bagan Myanmar

Overview Bagan

The citadel will lead you from one surprise to another one and leave unforgetable memories on your trip.

Why Bagan becomes famous

Bagan covers an area of only 42 km2, which used to be the magnificent capital of Myanmar for 230 years. Currently, there are only more than 2,000 temples and pagodas in this area, while more than half was destroyed. But Bagan still retains its charm.

Ox Cart Experience in Bagan

Ox Cart Experience in Bagan

When Bagan starts to expose itself under the plane’s wings, I feel like this country is similar to Africa, with the arid sand field with a few lush bushes or a tree that is as large as a baobab tree.

The most interesting thing about Bagan is seeing sunrise and sunset at Old Bagan.

Some best things to do in Bagan

From dawn, the horse cart hired from the previous night awakes me by the noise of the horse knocking on a brick base, which leaves a strange and interesting feeling. Later, I still remember the clatter at night. Sitting in the horse-cart when it is still pitch black, I just hear the cart, the man leading the horse ... There is a sacred feeling covering me as walking in the space of the last place in the relic area.

Horse Ridding

Horse Ridding

After about 45 minutes, the horse cart reaches Tayonke Payday temple - the most beautiful place to enjoy the sunrise in Bagan. Many multi-colored people are excited to wait for sunlight together until the light shines in every corner of each temple. Bagan is glowing, glorious, and splendid.

You can also choose a balloon to watch Bagan at sunrise. You will admire breathtaking and majestic images.

After dawn, the horse-cart drives me through temples. These works of surviving temples are the embodiment of faded Mon architecture. The top cylindrical tower is gilded and set on a square three-floor tower next to the oldest pagoda of Shwezigon. Bagan also has the most beautiful temple of Ananda, the highest temple of Thatbyinyu, and finally, the most massive temple of Dhamma Yangyi.

Ananda Template

Ananda Temple

Ananda Temple is considered a surviving masterpiece of Mon architecture which remains the most sustainable and sophisticated architecture, the best-preserved among the temples and towers in Bagan. After the earthquake in 1975, the temple was badly damaged but was restored later.

Rising above other temples in Bagan is Thatbyinnyu temple, built by the king Alaungsithu (1113-1163). This is one of the first temples with two floors, but its layout is slightly different from that of two-story spiritual works later.

Dhamma Yangyi is the most massive temple, with architecture similar to Ananda, built by King Narathu (1107-1170).

Kaunghmudaw Pagoda

Kaunghmudaw Pagoda

In the late afternoon, when sunlight begins to fade, the sun starts to go down, and I reach Shwesandaw temple – the sun temple called in my own way. Many visitors choose to stand on the temple to be able to see other temples clearly and beautifully; they widen their arms for breezes to imagine how magnificent, solemn, and sacred it was when the locals made worshiped in the old days.

There is no word to describe the peaceful feeling and the beauty of Bagan. I can only say that you should go to Bagan to live with it, to feel it in every breath, to enjoy the clatter feeling on the horse-cart, or take a leisurely bike ride through famous temples. Myanmar Private Tour is always ready to be your companion during the discovery.